To reach your financial goals, market intelligence and data analytics are vital prerequisites

Our seasoned team of market intelligence and data analytics professionals use the latest technology and algorithms to access and manage the vast amount of data they collect. To ensure our wealth managers receive the best market intelligence and data available, our team carries out complex studies across market statistics, risk analysis, investment products assessment, probability evaluation, event analysis, data comparison and more.

Research & Analysis

Our Wealth Managers

Fundamental and technical research & analysis with multiple market viewpoints

Our wealths managers are provided with insight on the conditions of the financial industry, the key growth strategies shaping the industry and its future, in-demand products, competitors, various types of investors and their asset allocations, fund selectors, asset classes that interest them, enhanced distribution channels, prevailing market strategies and more.

Research & Analysis

At Sanwa Alterna Brokerage, the market intelligence and data transfer is the fist step we initiate before every investment strategy we propose to our clients. This allows our wealth managers to develop a greater understanding of the market dynamics and potential risk products, making sure the right investment option is always selected for our clients. We recognize that one wrong investment decision can significantly affect a client partnership and the long-standing reputation of our company. We, therefore, ensure maximum market intelligence to alleviate any potential errors.

Our market intelligence and data analytics team are experts in their field with extensive experience throughout the financial Analytics sector, providing our wealth managers confidence in the products they offer to our clients, and helping our clients to feel secure about their funds, ongoing investments and future wealth.