Offering our clients customized investment strategies

In a world of evolving regulatory and technological developments, Sanwa Alterna Brokerage can customize an investment strategy that ensures the delivery of performance and transparency across all the leading asset classes.

Our investment strategies are fundamental to our wealth management ideology, providing a highly-structured, discretionary and long-term plan to support your financial status and fulfil your financial objectives.

We recognize that the financial status and aspirations of each of our clients are unique which is why we provide a broad range of investment options and capabilities, allowing you to take full advantage of the global financial markets through our offerings, regardless of your financial status.

Our team of investment managers are here to assist you in choosing the best suited long-term investment strategy, customized by asset class, geographical market and your risk tolerance.

What we offer

The various asset class options we offer here at Sanwa Alterna Brokerage

Sanwa Alterna Brokerage


We Provide Significant exposure to commodities throughout the creation and management of our commodity-linked portfolio strategies which are customized to meet the specific requirements of each client.


Equities are simply shares in the ownership of a company. In the corporate world, there is a growing demand to tackle capital-related difficulties, including new company formation, expansion, mergers & acquisition, the improvement of business strategies by responding to globalization, and the advancement of corporate governance. 

Sanwa Alterna Brokerage, is therefore active in various investment strategies, including venture and joint investment to address the wide-ranging business and capital needs of our clients.

Investing in Bonds

Our team of bonds experts receive real-time data analytics and market intelligence to provide you with informed guidance on lucrative bond options and can continually assist you in navigating the complex world of bonds investment.

Fixed Income

Our fixed income capabilities span all publicly trade sectors. We deliver a wide array of fixed-income investments, including global and single-country strategies, developed and emerging-market investments, high-yield and convertible strategies, systematic strategies and more.

Foreign Exchange

Sanwa Alterna Brokerage provides a market-leading foreign exchange trading service which delivers unique and tailored access to the global currency marketplace. We offer foreign exchange solutions to clients who are seeking a less volatile investment product.